Rho’s Odyssey: An Introduction

Welcome to De’s Stories! This is the blog of random rants, flowery posts, short stories and story games. I might even post my query letter if you are nice to me.

I’d like to start this blog on a fun note, posting an excerpt from Rho’s Odyssey. Rho’s Odyssey happens to be a story started by Marty, the founder of Dark Wyrm Reads. I stumbled upon his blog when I was browsing through the AW Forum, finding some threads to promote my other blog, Everything Historical. He was advertising for writers to join in on the exquisite corpse story game, a game where one writer writes a sentence on a sheet of paper, folds it and then passes it onto the next person. However, since this is an online version of that game, writers carry on with the story as it unfolds.

The first chapter, or part of it anyway, was written by Raven Corinn Carluk, and now I am given the honours of continuing on with the next part.

Did I also mention that I discovered that Dark Wyrm Reads is now accepting novels from unknown and unpublished authors—that includes me—for review and promotion. I just hope that they don’t mind a suspense novel set in revolutionary France.


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