Rho’s Odyssey: Chapter 1 Continued

Just then, the phone rang, startling Rho from her thoughts.

“Shit,” she said, her heart beginning to race. “Who on this earth would call me? Nobody in this city knows my phone number.”

Rho tiptoed over to the phone and, trying to steady her shaky hands, picked up the receiver and gently pressed it against her right ear. Her heart pounded so hard against her chest it hurt.

“He-hello,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
The person on the other end must have heard the fear in her voice, because when he spoke, his voice was soft and steady.

“Is this Rho Darksmith?”

His smooth, relaxed voice instantly eased Rho’s anxiety. “Yes.”

“I’m Sergeant Ron Merrick calling from the New Orleans Police Department. I would like you to come in and talk about a murder. My squad discovered a body inside a large house in the French Quarter. The man’s name was unidentified, but we took samples of his blood and they are in for DNA testing.”

His casual explanation of the Grand Chancellor’s death left Rho’s head spinning. How did this Ron—a human—get my number? Did the Grand Chancellor know this man? Was he a good friend of his?

“It so happened that a fellow police officer saw a young woman with a dog at the crime scene,” he continued.

Now, Rho’s heart was racing. Her hands quivered and her entire body broke out into a cold sweat. Damn! I didn’t flip the hour glass fast enough! Now, the human probably thinks that I’m the suspect. “What did the woman look like?” She could hardly control her shaky voice.

“Ma’am, she was tall, thin, had long, black hair and didn’t appear to be much older than the age of twenty-two.”

The seriousness in his tone suggested that he did suspect her—Rho—of committing the murder. In fact, his description of Rho was bang on, and it scared her. How could she tell him, a police sergeant that she was the one at the crime scene. And, how would he react when he found out that she had some connection to the Grand Chancellor? Even worse, what would the people at court do to her once they find out about his death?

All of these questions played in her mind over and over again, suddenly making her violently nauseas. In a daze, Rho dropped the receiver, causing it to land with a sickening thud on the wooden floor below, and dashed over to the bathroom on the other side of the apartment.

Rho’s Odyssey will be continued by Lia Booke.


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