Little Casey Bear Continued

One day in the clearing behind the garden where mother Lynn worked, planting vegetable seeds, the three Cubs played a common game called the Fort competition. This was where each child would build a fort that looked much like a square house with several sticks bound together to form a point at the top, with an opening to fit visitors at the base. The child to gather sticks and finish building his or her fort before the others were finished won the competition. However, there were alternatives to this game. The Fort to be completed before the others also had to be the biggest. If not, then the child bear who finished before the rest would not win the competition.

This often created much confusion and conflict between the bear children, especially since Casey always had to be the winner, and would get very angry if he wasn’t. On this day, in particular, Casey was in a very foul mood. It was a warm and sunny day so there was no reason for Casey to be angry when the rest of his family, and all other animals in the woods, were happy. It was too bad Susie spoilt Casey’s jovial mood when she accidently stepped on his toes, but it was more unfortunate for Casey to stay angry at his sister, especially since she had not hurt him on purpose.

So after each child completed their forts, they gathered together to determine who would be the winner. Of course Casey was the first child to complete his fort, so he insisted that he was the winner. Susie, not completely trusting her older brother’s claim, stepped closer to the forts and examined them.

“ Actually, Joe’s fort is the biggest,” she exclaimed. “So you are the winner, Joe,” she said looking at her younger brother. Joe smiled with happiness at his success, but Casey was angrier than ever. In his mind, he deserved to win the competition. After all he was the first to complete his fort. So there was no way he was going to let his younger brother rob the attention from him.

“I completed my fort first, so I should by right, be the winner,” Casey scowled.

“But mine was bigger than yours, Casey, and so I win. Those are the rules,” little Joe insisted.

“Stop it you two before I tell mother,” Susie cried.

“I will not,” Casey shouted. “I won the competition fair and square and it is no right for you, Susie to tell me other wise.”

“Susie is right though, Casey. I looked at the forts when she looked at them after we finished building them,” Joe shouted.

“Yes, why do you always have to be the winner? Why can’t you let one of us win without getting angry, and making us feel bad” Susie questioned.

“Me, what about the two of you? You are both young and stupid,” Casey fumed.

“Well if you were not such a beast all the time, maybe we would like you better,” little Joe said, feeling the thick fur of his body stand on end.

Casey walked over to his younger brother and smacked him across the face. Poor little Joe ran crying to his mother in the garden. Susie followed him. But mother Lynn did not have to hear her son cry. She saw everything from her work.


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