Little Casey Bear

Once, far, far away in a cave in the deep woods of the Sunshine mountains there lived a family of Bears. There was father Albert Bear, mother Lynn Bear, and their three young children, Casey, Susie and Joe Bear.

The Bear family was a very happy family who spent much of their time with each other, and with all other animals in their community. Every living creature who knew the Bear family would agree that they were the most loving, caring and generous family of the Sunshine Mountains.

But there was one grave exception. Casey, the eldest son of the Bear family, had a problem. He liked to be bully younger animal children, even his younger sister, and especially, his younger brother Joe, the youngest Cub in the family.

For reasons, which are unknown, every animal of the Sunshine Mountains overlook Casey’s nasty behaviour. Perhaps they were so overawed by the Godly manners this family portrayed that they were willing to ignore the one thing that made them imperfect-Casey’s malicious treatment of younger animal children.

Both father Albert and mother Lynn were not aware of their son’s terrible behaviour because every time they were at work with their chores-father Albert catching fish for the family dinner, and mother Lynn, gathering fruits and vegetables- Casey was at his worst.


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