The Rest of Little Casey Bear

“Casey, how dare you hit your little brother like that,” she exclaimed, horrified at her son’s unexpected behaviour. “That is no way for a little gentleman to behave. You will apologize to your brother at once and then spend the rest of the afternoon in your room.”

Casey sheepishly apologized to little Joe and then walked into the cave, hanging his little head, and spent the rest of the day sulking while everyone else enjoyed the sunshine.

Later that day father Albert brought dinner to Casey’s room and found Casey lying on his bed still pouting.

“Look son,” he said sitting down beside the young bear. “Your mother and I are terribly shocked at your behaviour today. We did not know that you treated your younger brother and sister so cruelly.”

Casey did not respond.

“Well, son, I know it is tough not being the winner all the time, but it is not right to get angry at others when you do not. That is no way to make friends. Other animals will see you as a cold and uncaring bear who is jealous of others’ success. Son, I only want the best for you. I do not want to see you grow up to be lonely and unhappy, because that is not what life is about. Life is about loving and giving while expecting nothing in return. If you give to others and treat them as you would like them to treat you, then you will be blessed with many friends and happy days. If you are jealous, conceited and uncaring then you will never find true happiness.” Father Albert left Casey with those words.

That evening Casey did not leave his room. He stayed there slowly eating the fish and vegetables his mother made, pondering his father’s words and taking them to heart. This was when he realized and regretted his actions towards his younger siblings, and his mistreatment of other animals in the past. He knew his father was right and being nasty to others was terribly wrong. So the next morning he apologized to Susie and Joe. The rest of the day, the week and the year, they laughed and played with one another in harmony. Anytime Casey found himself mistreating another animal, including his siblings, he always apologized for his actions and worked harder on himself to be kinder, gentler and humbler.
Casey grew to be a well-known, loved and respected bear amongst all the animals in the Sunshine Mountains because of his devotion to giving and caring for those in need.



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