AW April 2010 Blog Chain: What Would it be Like to Meet Your Novel Characters?

This month, on the AW blog chain, the topic is novel characters. As an author, I spend everyday thinking about the characters in my book, Day of Revenge, and I always imagine myself interacting with them, wishing that I could meet them in reality. If you are an author, unpublished or published, or writing your very first novel, I’m very sure that you experience the same thing.

So, my question is to you (blog chain participants and readers) what would it be like to meet your novel characters?

For me, it would be a wonderful experience to meet my novel characters, although I don’t how well I would get along with all of them. The characters who I would love to meet the most are Emmanuel d’ LeVasque, Jean-Philippe Dupre and his family, Emmanuel’s best friends Elle and Emile, and Samuel La Font.

Emmanuel is more serious, but he is also very sensitive and he cares deeply about other people. Not to mention, he is incredibly handsome—dark eyes, thick, black curls that fall to his shoulders, tall, slim body. He would be the ideal man for me! I think we would quickly become best friends. I would imagine that he would take me out to dine, or to watch a play at a high end theatre.

Emile and Elle are also wonderful people, but I don’t know how I would put up with their lovy, dovy crap. I think I would tell them to get a room. For those of you who haven’t read the excerpt from Day of Revenge off my website, Elle and Emile are lovers.

I always imagine myself talking to Jean-Philippe Dupre. In fact, of all my protagonists, he would be the one I’d really enjoy being around. Jean-Philippe is a Catholic missionary aid. He’s very kind, humble, sensitive, and even tempered. If I did meet him in another world and another time, I would sit down with him and pour out my innermost secrets, dreams, desires and hurts.

Then there is Samuel La Font—and I forgot to mention Henri Varennes. Since Samuel is tall, robust and skilled with swords and pistols, I would definitely feel safe around him. But, he does have a bad temper, so I honestly have to admit because of that, I would feel intimidated by him. If I did have to spend a day with him, I would constantly have to remind him that I’m the author of his story. That said, I don’t think that would go over very well with Samuel, so I would be far better off to spend less time with him.

As for Henri Varennes, sometimes I really wish he was here to defend me from my enemies. Henri has learnt to fight well from his experiences in the American War of Independence and in Revolutionary France’s war. Might I also mention that, until the summer of 1793, he served as the Jacobin Captain, but went against Robespierre and his colleagues after he had reoccurring nightmares of Paris burning in hell. He may be mean, bitter and cold most of the time, but he knows how to put people in their places, and he doesn’t take shit from anyone. If you screw him, he will kill you—or threaten to kill you. Although, he’s not the ideal protagonist, if I met him I think I would get along great with him.

Well, now that I’ve mentioned what it would be like to meet my characters, its time to hear what the other AW Blog Chain participants have to say about their novel characters.



10 thoughts on “AW April 2010 Blog Chain: What Would it be Like to Meet Your Novel Characters?

  1. French characters! As a Frenchie, I am officially intrigued! 😉

    You have a nice variety of personas in there. It must cause rich interactions!

    I also see I'm not the one occasionnaly talking to my characters in my head.

    I can't wait to read the other AW posts on this subject.

  2. Interesting characters! And they are very different. Who is the lead? The main one? I hope it's Emmanuel! It's bold of you to write a story taking place in a different time in history. You must do lots of research. I can hardly keep up with the present time.

  3. Interesting that you want to meet all the GUYS in your book. 😉 Just kidding. They all sound … rather … scrumptious, so I can see why. I love that you picked this topic and can't wait to think through my set of make believe friends. 😉

  4. I applaud you for tackling historical fiction. I love to read it but find the whole idea daunting. And actually Samuel sounds rather interesting, despite a foul-temper. He just needs the love of a good woman.

  5. I'm intrigued by these folks. Yeah, a lot of the really interesting ones aren't that “nice” to know. We all want to live next to Sulu or the Bradys, but it is Khan or the Macbeths that grab center stage just naturally.

  6. I studied history as my minor and I liked the French Revolution a lot. Your novel is excellent. Your characters are true to life of that time. I hope that Day of Revenge becomes a big hit.
    As for your characters, Jean-Philippe Dupre seems to be very interesting.

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