Rho’s Odyssey Continued: Chapter 5

It is time to continue on with Rho’s story. We are onto chapter 5 now, so if you want to read chapter 4, feel free to visit Raven Corinn Carluk’s blog.

Rho sank onto her bed, breathing out a long, heavy sigh. She repeatedly ran her slender fingers through her long, thick hair. “I’ve always had a talent of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’ve never gotten into this much trouble. I’m up to my neck in it, and I don’t know how I’m going to get out of it. I could really use someone’s help,” she said to herself, flinging her hands into the air.

Out of nowhere, a man appeared in her room. Rho’s secret fantasy, Argish. Argish was handsome: tall, lean figure, sky blue eyes and deep brown curls that fall to his shoulders.

“Rho, dear Rho. I know you are troubled by the Grand Chancellor’s death and that is why I have come to speak to you,” Argish said in a deep, smooth voice.

Rho lifted her head until her eyes met his. “Argish! You are not a fantasy after all.”

Argish chuckled. “No, dear Rho. I am from the land of the Argands, the land that lies next to your homeland of Barrens. Our countries have been allies for five hundred years, but I was born one hundred years before our Kings settled the peace treaty.”

“So, even though you lived at a time when our countries were at war, you still don’t hate me,” Rho said.

“Absolutely not. Rho, I have heard your cry for help. That is why I am here now.”

“Argish, you don’t know half the hell I’m going through right now. It seems that, every time something bad happens, I’m in the middle of all of it. But, now the Grand Chancellor has been murdered, and I wasn’t quick enough to flee the scene. The police saw me, and now I am going to be investigated, and I don’t know how the hell I’m going to get out of this one without being put behind bars, or worse, executed.”

“Rho, I know everything that transpired.”

Rho’s eyebrows shot up. “You do?”

“Yes. Ever since you have created me, you have been in my mind and in my heart. I hear your thoughts and I know what you feel. Darvil, the Grand Chancellor of my land covets the mineral rich land of Barrens. He is going to do anything to gain access to your minerals, even if it means for him to break the peace treaty.”

Rho’s jaw dropped. “This is news to me.”

“Darvil ordered his personal guard to assassinate your Grand Chancellor and he succeeded,” Argish continued.

Rho’s entire body broke out in a sweat and her knees shook so hard, she had to sit back down on the edge of her bed before they gave way on her. “I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this, and that I did nothing to save my Grand Chancellor.”

Argish sat down next to her and placed his cool hand on her wrist. “Rho, this is not your fault.”

“Yes this is. What am I going to tell the police? Even worse, what am I going to tell everyone at court? My twin sister knows everyone at court, but how are they going to believe her when they will suspect me?”

“Rho, you must calm down. Everyone at your court already knows what Darvil is trying to do, so they will not suspect you. When you talk to Sergeant Merrick, tell him the truth. Don’t be afraid to tell him who you are. If he doesn’t believe you, lift up your shirt and show him the Barrens star.”

As he completed his last sentence, Rho ran her fingers across the bluish-red blotch that stretches across her waist in the formation of a star. It was the only thing that distinguished the Barrens people from humans. “I’ll try my best,” she said.

Argish gazed into her dark eyes. “Rho, you must be brave. Your people need you. You are the one who they are depending on to save them from Darvil.”

Rho remained silent. She could hear the scream of a siren—an ambulance—in the near distance.

“I must leave you now. But, remember, I am with you always. Be strong.” And just as quick as he appeared, he disappeared, leaving Rho alone in her room.

You will want to visit Marty’s website, Dark Wyrm Reads to read chapter 6. If you would like to help write Rho’s story, please visit Dark Wyrm Reads.


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