The AW September Blog Chain

After taking the month of August off, it is time again for me to get involved in the AW blog chain. The theme of this month’s blog chain is seasons. I think that this is a fantastic theme because we–referring to all the writers involved–can write about anything.

Seasons. Where do I start? Is there a particular season that inspires me? Throughout my young life Summer has always been an inspiration to me. Why? It signified the end of school and the hot, sunny weather always provided for fun at the beach, many gatherings with family and friends, the ability to wear less clothing, and this year–story theatre.

Actually, it was in the spring when I first got involved with my community’s local theatre company, the Driftwood Players. For the past three summers, the Driftwood Players theatre company has put on a storybook theatre where various actors perform in a number of short stories at some of the festivals on the Sunshine Coast (south coastal British Columbia, Canada). Every summer is marked by festivals and celebrations on the Sunshine Coast. And this year was certainly no exception. Only this year, the Driftwood Storybook Theatre was invited to perform at sixteen of these events.

What made this experience so enjoyable and fulfilling was the new friends I made, caring directors who worked hard to make us all the actors we have become, and all of the exposure we got through this experience. However, it was not just about the exposure. Every person in the audience thoroughly enjoyed all of the stories and they were inspired. That meant so much more to us than merely the exposure.

I could go on and on about my experience in story theatre, and I could elaborate on my book, ‘Day of Revenge’ which has just been released. I could even talk about my experience in writing my book-in-progress, ‘To be Maria’, and my current involvement in the Peninsula Players, but I want to keep this blog post short. However, I will go into further detail on my experience in all of these things that I am doing. So, if you are interested, stay tuned.

You will want to check out what all of the other talented writers (below) have to say about ‘seasons’, so I encourage you to visit their blogs.

T.N. Tobias
Proach (me)


11 thoughts on “The AW September Blog Chain

  1. Unfortunately, since it was my first time doing this kind of theatre work, I didn't get the chance to write any of the stories. All of the stories were old, old fairy tales, like Stone Soup, Three Wishes and Billy Goats Gruff. They were a load of fun to act in. On this blog, I will be sharing my experience in theatre.

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