Interview with Louise Wise

A few weeks ago, I was browsing around on the internet, searching for new and effective ways to market my book, ‘Day of Revenge’ online. I stumbled across a thread that was posted by Louise Wise on the ‘Author’s Book Review Exchange’forum. Louise provides insightful information for new authors on her blog, ‘Wise Words’. She also interviews new and self-published authors. Louise was advertising to interview authors, so I jumped on the bandwagon right away.

Here is a snippet from my interview with Louise Wise.

1. Is this your debut novel?
Yes it is and it is the very piece of work, or project I should say, that has been published. I’ve written a few short stories, but have only written them for marks in high school and never considered getting them published.

2. Can you tell us a little about it?
Day of Revenge is a historical suspense set in 1793 during the onset of the Reign of Terror. Military Captain Samuel La Font may be hot-tempered and headstrong, but he is certainly not about to flee his war-torn country without a fight. He is determined to stay in France and wage a war against the revolutionaries.

For the greater part of the year, everything works in Samuel’s favor. He has the love and support of his close knit group of friends. His Corsican based family has even recruited several skilled soldiers who are more than willing to die for Samuel’s cause. But, towards autumn, fate takes an unexpected and dangerous turn. Now Samuel is forced to make a choice—get his friends and himself out of France or die in battle against the revolutionaries.

‘Day of Revenge’ is a work of fiction. When it comes to defining what genre in fiction it falls under, it doesn’t fall under one genre. In other words, it is not straight historical fiction. The story is suspense in which contains a complex plotline that is unpredictable. There is some romance on the side, and it just so happens that the setting is in a historical period.

To read the rest of the interview, feel free to visit Louise’s blog.


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