2010 The Year of Change: Breaking the Chain of Loneliness

The year 2010 thus far, was the year of change. So far, it has been a year filled with fun, adventure and success. I made plenty of new friends through Toastmasters and theatre, polished new skills I never knew I had, and very importantly, my first book, ‘Day of Revenge’ was published.

I rang the new year in with a pledge to abandon my tiny little world that only consisted of church and socializing with people who secretly didn’t love me enough to take their acquaintance with me to the level of friendship. To break the chain of loneliness, I had to take risks, and that is what I did.

I joined Toastmasters at the start of January. At that point I had just started my search for a literary agent. I needed to do what all authors must do at some point in their career–learn how to speak in public. Before January, public speaking was not my greatest talent. When I first began Toastmasters I stuttered, tripped over words and blushed a deep red. I could never get past the butterflies in my stomach. The thought of having to stand in front of an audience and talk for five minutes, terrified me.

The Sunshine Toastmasters group is not a big group, rather its actually quite small. But the people are very friendly. Everyone who belongs to this group inspires me and I have made some wonderful friends. It still took me time to improve my speaking skills and to conjure up enough confidence to deliver my ‘Icebreaker Speech’. But, without this group of talented and enthusiastic speakers, I don’t think that I would have progressed this much.


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