My Quest to Further Expand my Network of Contacts

However, as wonderful as toastmasters is, I still felt that my personal life was lacking in some areas. I needed to find some way to reach out to more people and to expand my network of contacts. While I had one foot out of the small box, I still had one foot inside of it.

One day at work, I suddenly thought about acting. I took a few camera acting classes back in high school and I really enjoyed them. I’ve always had a passion for pretending to be someone who I’m not, spending time walking in their shoes, experiencing life through their eyes. I really wanted to get back into acting. But, in order to do that, I needed to find a drama club in my community, one where I could become a part of. So, over the weekend I researched the internet for ‘theatre groups on the Sunshine Coast’, using various key words until I stumbled on a link that directed me to the Sunshine Coast Driftwood Players theatre group in Gibsons, British Columbia. I browsed through the website in search for the ‘contact’ page and soon found a contact number. The person who I connected with over the phone was Bill Forst, a long-time member of the Driftwood Players theatre company, and an experienced actor himself.

It was the end of March when I first talked to him. I inquired about productions and he, in turn, inquired about my experience in acting. I was quite honest with him in saying that I had not much experience, but also told him that I had written and edited a book. That is when he told me about Storybook theatre and gave me two contacts who were involved in the production and directing of the Driftwood Players Storybook theatre.


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