The AW November Blog Chain: To be Maria

Well, after another reasonable break from my participation in the famous monthly Absolute Write blog chain, I thought that I would participate in this one.

This month, the goal is to write a short story in 100 words, a very difficult task to accomplish in so very little words. So, I asked Bettedra, the Blog chain host, if I could post a 100 word excerpt from my WIP, ‘To be Maria’. She was more than willing to let me do this. So here we go…

The grin on his face makes Anya’s stomach flip-flop. With one hand, she slowly unzips the zipper on the new black ski jacket that Maria bought for her, trying her best to conceal her shaky hands from Jose. She then slips it off her shoulders, allowing herself to be exposed in her slinky black tank top and mini jean skirt. The tank top is so low-cut that if she wore a bra, the cups would peek over the neckline of the top. So, Anya risked coming to this party braless, with well over half of her breasts exposed, something she has never before dared to do in public.

That is all for now. There are several other talented writers who participated in this blog chain, so feel free to read their short stories.

Proach (Me)


9 thoughts on “The AW November Blog Chain: To be Maria

  1. Very interesting excerpt! We get a very clear picture of the character though there aren't may words to describe her.
    And now I'm left thinking “Hmmm… I wonder what motivated her to get out of her shell that night…”

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