A Guide to the Cast and the Crew in Storybook Theatre

The Driftwood Players theatre company put together the first storybook theatre performances in the summer of 2008. They started out with few actors and few approved performances. But, this past summer, we had a rather large cast.

Production Crew:
Bob Hunt
Ingrid Bilton
Janet Hodgkinson
Adrienne Uciferri
Joanne Bennison

Janet was the producer of Storybook Theatre. Bob and Ingrid were our directors. Joanne was an actor, but she did contribute her creativity to one of the stories. She reworked Little Red Riding Hood and gave it a contemporary twist. She even shortened the title to Little Red. Adrienne was involved at both workshops, but unfortunately was unable to take part in most of the productions. Although, she did make a significant contribution to the Driftwood theatre school for youth.

The Cast:
Beverly Nelson
Danielle Allenback
Deanna Proach (me)
Ed White
Emily Cardinall
Julie Eyers
John Keane
Marilyn Browning
Mike Barcroft
Radhika Samwald
Simone Tyrell
Wesley Frewin

We all varied in age and in experience. Yet, we all bonded and worked very well together.


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