Storybook Theatre 101

No one had to audition for Storybook Theatre. There were two workshops that were free for anyone who was keen on performing short fairy tales at various festivals. The first workshop was held on a Sunday at the end of April. I was incredibly excited for this event, but four days before the workshop, I came down with the stomach flu. Unfortunately I did not fully recover from this illness in time for the first theatre workshop. Yet, I was quite confident in myself as an actor. After all, I had some experience in acting and I had four months of public speaking behind me.

Guess again! Just when you think you know it all, you discover that you don’t know much at all. Theatre is a different animal than film acting. I knew that I had it in me to be a fantastic actor, but I needed to tailor and polish that talent. My experience in writing ‘Day of Revenge’ has given me the opportunity to walk in other people’s shoes, to feel what they feel and to experience life through their eyes. I’ve always considered that as a form of acting, even though it doesn’t involve acting on stage before an audience. But at least that has given me a platform. That platform was enough to give me a boost, but not enough to master the craft of theatre in the first exercise.

The people involved in this workshop were all very kind people, including the directors and the producer. The moment I walked in the door, they made me feel accepted. But I was shy and that was somewhat because I still felt sick and exhausted. However, learning a new skill is a challenge and whenever I learn a new skill I always find myself concentrating so hard on that task that I forget that I have a voice. And that is what happened to me at both theatre workshops.


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