Newsflash from ‘Day of Revenge’

I have received a review from Publishers Weekly. This is what they had to say:

“The French Revolution provides a vivid backdrop for Proach’s passionate, fast-paced anti-“Vive le Republique!” historical romance debut. More than four years have passed since the 1789 Bastille riots, and the summer of 1793 finds a counter-revolutionary plot brewing against the bloodthirsty Citoyen Robespierre and his red caps. Young Lyon nobleman Emmanuel d’ LeVasque and his family, along with other deposed aristocrats like Samuel La Font, fear Robespierre’s next move after Jacobin Capt. Citoyen Henri Varennesh arrests their friend Pierre La Metz for possessing a counter-revolutionary letter. Varennes becomes disenchanted with Robespierre and eventually joins the counter-revolutionaries. After Metz is guillotined, a prison rescue of young Dauphin Louis is launched. Proach makes a valid point about Robespierre’s fanaticism, and she also includes feverish romance: Emmanuel’s brother Emil pursues a relationship with orphaned vineyard worker Elle, while Emmanuel is tempted by La Font’s cousin Lisabetta. Featuring a well-developed cast of characters, this is a sympathetic portrait of imperiled French aristocracy.”

Feel free to visit Publishers Weekly online.

I have also received a review from Apex Reviews. Stay tuned. It will be posted soon.

At the end of November, Arleigh from Magazine has contacted my publicist from Inkwater Press, saying that she would love to have me write a post on her website as a guest. Of course, I jumped a mile high at the offer.

Arleigh is the publisher and owner of Historical-Fiction Magazine, an online magazine that caters to authors of historical fiction books. She posts interviews, book reviews, news of book releases, guest posts and even provides giveaways of authors’ books.

Please feel free to visit Arleigh’s Historical-Fiction Magazine.


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