Apex Review

I’d like to share with you my great review from Apex Reviews.

“It’s 1793, and the onset of the Reign Of Terror has sparked the winds of
revolution – which begin to blow hard across the French populace. Sensing the
growing unrest, the hard-boiled Captain Samuel La Font digs in his heels,
determined to repel the best efforts of the revolutionaries and preserve the
established order of his beloved home country; however, as the war suddenly
takes an unexpected turn, La Font is forced to contend with a grave, sobering new
reality: either flee with his family and friends with his life, or die defending the
quickly fading Old World order he’s sworn to protect…

Day Of Revenge is an engaging read. Set during the height of the French
Revolution, author Deanna Proach’s stirring debut novel takes the reader deep into
the hearts and minds of the major and minor players on the revolutionary stage.
Clearly well-researched, Day Of Revenge is a thoroughly enlightening tale of
historical fiction, featuring an up-close-and-personal look at the pain, passion, and
conflicted nature of a country at war with its own people. In so doing, Proach
does a commendable job of treating the reader to a vivid portrait of living,
breathing history, providing you with an insightful glance behind the scenes of
one of mankind’s most transformative events. A highly compelling tale of raw,
riveting humanity.”

My interview and book trailer will be posted on January 11th.


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