The AW February Blog Chain 2011

A new year and another blog chain. I’ve decided to initiate the AW monthly chain for this month. The theme is ‘Antagonists’. The reason I chose this theme is because I find it so tragicaly amazing how in every story, the antagonist takes the center stage. Without an antagonist, would a story be thoroughly engaging? Perhaps. I’ll let you make the call.

The goal for this month’s chain is to describe your antagonist in 50 words or less and then post a short scene (100 words or less) that describes what you would say to your antagonist (the one in your novel) if you met him or her.

Since I’ve initiated this month’s blog chain, I will go first.

Part I

Carly Newman is the antagonist in my new novel, ‘To be Maria’. She may be rich, pretty and popular, but she is the devil incarnate. She gains popularity through intimidation and if she thinks someone is uncool, she bullies them relentlessly.

Part II

Carly: “What are you doing here? The courtyard is no place for losers and mis-fits.”

Me: “You know, Carly. There is a such thing as equality. And, if I were you, I’d watch how I’d speak to a teacher. Learn the meaning of respect before the wrong person teaches it to you.”

There are a number of other participants in this month’s chain and I’m positive that they are going to have very interesting posts. So, feel free to read what they have to say.

Steam&Ink (Next in line)
dolores haze
Ralph Pines
orion mk3
Forbidden Snowflake
Amanda McDonald


14 thoughts on “The AW February Blog Chain 2011

  1. Losers and misfits make the best humans. One should never mess with them. They tend to be artists and writers with a penchant for immortalizing the downfall of villains (or drawing caricatures that go viral).

    I ❤ Misfits 🙂

  2. I'm finally getting around to commenting on all the chain entries 😀 Carly does sound evil, but I agree that without the antagonists, a story would fall pretty flat 😉

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