A Bedfull of Foreigners: The End of a Chapter

A long but fantastic weekend has come to an end. I’ve metioned in an earlier post that ‘A Bedfull of Foreigners’ was scheduled to be performed at the Heritage Playhouse February 10-12th. I spent all of January not doing much as that was a slow month. But come the end of January, at the Driftwood Players AGM, our director and some of us cast members met up to discuss rehearsals. Well, it turned out that we would only have three rehearsals.

You would think that three months later, everyone would be still be able to remember their lines, or most of them anyway. Guess again! More than half of the actors in the room didn’t remember even half of their lines. We spent one whole evening at the Heritage Playhouse on Tuesday evening of February 7th rehearsing, stumbling through the play. We ended up staying at the theatre until 11pm that night. The next day was the tech performance. John, the actor who played Stanley (the main character), had invited all of the drama students from Pendar Harbour High School, the school he teaches at, to watch us perform. The drama students from Elphinstone Secondary were also there for part of the tech performance.

The tech performance was a disaster. A few people forgot their lines and it just didn’t go the way we wanted it to go. But, as they say in theatre, if the dress rehearsal is a disaster then the show will be a runaway success. It was a success. Thursday, our first performance went well, Friday’s performance was a little shaky in some scenes. Saturday’s performances were the best of all. We all decided at that point that we would just relax and have fun on stage. And we certainly did.

The end of Saturday night’s performance marked the end of a chapter. “A Bedfull of Foreigners” has been laid to rest on the coast. It will not be performed again by the same people. While I’m sure a few of us will miss it, we all have busy lives to tend to and are quite prepared to move on to other things.

“Will you perform in another big production?” a few people asked me.

My answer has been, “down the line. Perhaps next year, or in the fall when the Driftwood Players is getting ready to launch the Christmas Pantomime.” As much as I enjoyed playing a big role in “A Bedfull of Foreigners” and as much as I long to do it again soon, I just can’t. My job right now is to market ‘Day of Revenge’ abroad and to complete ‘To be Maria’ and get that book ready for publication. Once I’ve met these goals, then I will audition for another play.


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