Poetic Monthly: A Labor of Love by Erin O’Riordan

Erin O’Riordan has been a staff writer for Poetic Monthly since 2009. When she’s not writing about writing itself, she writes saucy romance novels and edits for AG Press. She can be found with her nose in a book or on her blog.

For five years now, Poetic Monthly has been a labor of love for author Martin White, who founded the magazine. Poetic Monthly celebrates the art and craft of poetry from around the world, with 20 pages per issue devoted to the best poetry submissions.

It’s far more than a poetry magazine, though. Short stories, book reviews, contests and visual arts can be found in each issue, along with a number of staff articles about writing itself. Writers of every persuasion can find valuable resources in Poetic Monthly. A sampling of past topics:

1. Cinquains (a poetic form similar to haiku)
2. Ha! The Man of Great Rat (The Art of the Anagram)
3. Internet Resources for Writers
4. Interviews with thriller writer Andie Lee Eames, young adult novelist Sandra Lopez, poet Sherrie Theriault and watercolor artist/illustrator Bonnie Beckeman
5. New Year’s resolutions for writers
6. The 10 Greatest Jobs For Romance Novel Heroes
7. Twitter 101 for Authors

The current issue of Poetic Monthly is always available for free, online as a PDF. The new issue generally comes out on the 15th of each month. Readers can order both current and past issues through Poetic Monthly’s printing partner, AG Press. Single issues are $7; a yearly subscription is $77, so subscribers get one issue for free.

To submit poetry, short stories, guest articles, or links to examples of visual artwork, go to the submissions page. Poetic Monthly isn’t a paying venue at the moment; it’s a small circulation magazine with less than 500 regular online followers and a handful of print subscribers. This may change soon. The labor of love is growing daily, especially with the addition of new chief editor Carol Hunn, who redesigned the magazine starting with issue #61.

The all-volunteer staff is talented and passionate, and the magazine does not discriminate against previously unpublished authors. Students are encouraged to submit, whether they are in college, high school or middle school. Poetic Monthly is a great place to get started. Its content is always appropriate for all ages.


8 thoughts on “Poetic Monthly: A Labor of Love by Erin O’Riordan

  1. Erin, thanks for the mention! We at Poetic Monthly strive for the best in giving our readers what they seek pertaining to the writing world and life itself. We also thank you for your contributions to the Magazine each month.

  2. Lovely to read this post. Poetic Monthly gave me the confidence to start reviewing books, and the impetus to continue. I've really benefited from some of the great writing articles I've read there too. Perhaps I should consider submitting a story or poem sometime.

  3. Erin,
    Thank you for the nice write up. It has always been my pleasure to put together the magazine. It is the work of staff members like you that make that magazine special. I am just the cut and paste guy. I would like to invite anyone reading this post to come read and submit to our magazine.

    Martin White
    Poetic Monthly Magazine.

  4. I'd like to thank Victor and Martin for having me on their Poetic Monthly show yesterday. I had a lot of fun and I look forward to having another opportunity to be on your show.

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