“The 5 Most Fun Characters I’ve Written So Far” by Erin O’Riordan

Feel free to visit Erin’s book blog, Pagan Spirits.

1. Raven Templin
Bad girls are so much fun. Tall, deeply intelligent, beautiful well into her middle years, Raven does whatever she wants. She’s a pirate, so she wouldn’t hesitate to rob you blind, but her passion is for saving people from slavery. The fierce and well-armed pirate queen also has a softer side…and a weakness for beautiful men. “Raven” Rachel Templin appears in “Fall of the Estrela” and several other stories that haven’t been published yet. She’s an imaginary ancestor of mine; Templin is a family name on my mom’s side of the family.

2. Oliver
Given their love for fresh-squeezed human blood, you wouldn’t think vampires would make good chefs. Oliver is the exception to that rule, cooking up delectable creations for the human and werewolf guests of a seaside b & b. Along with his cooking skills, Oliver possesses a set of mental abilities he uses to seduce his prey. Don’t bother ordering; Oliver already knows your deepest desires. Oliver first appeared in “Oliver’s Good Night Kiss” in the Love Bites anthology from Torquere Press. Torquere then published a stand-alone short story, “Oliver’s Good Night Kiss.”

3. Allie Van Zandt
Zen may be the wilder of the Van Zandt twins, but don’t let Allie’s sedate exterior fool you. This witch has passion. She’s dedicated her life to serving her Goddess and saving the environment. She may sip herbal tea and do yoga in the process, but Allie has a strong will and a tendency to fall in love despite herself. Allie and Zen are the heroines of the Pagan Spirits series, erotic romance novels with a hint of paranormal magic. We get to know Allie in book #1, Beltane from Eternal Press.

4. Orlando Parisi
A great heroine deserves a great hero. For one of the Van Zandt sisters, the alpha male of her dreams appears in this six-foot-three half-Italian, half-Slovenian with jewel-like hazel eyes, an affinity for a rare cherry brandy and eclectic taste in designer clothes and shoes. Orlando is used to getting what he wants, but he also has a sweet side. His favorite thing in the world is his son.

5. Oakley Falls
With her black mascara and Gothic lingerie, Mistress Oakley is the star attraction at the Blind Eye Gentlemen’s Club. Her fans don’t know Oakley’s allure comes from her vampire glamour. When she’s not fighting off the urge to chomp on the customers, Oakley is fending off requests from her wannabe-vampire girlfriend. Oakley is the title character in a story appearing in Vamps, a lesbian vampire anthology from Torquere Press.


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