An Excerpt from ‘Scorpian Bay’ by Michael Murphy

Check out the ‘Scorpian Bay’ video book trailer:

“I need a tattoo as soon as possible, to hide the cut on my side.”

“I don’t do tattoos. I’m a mechanic.” Justin grabbed a beer from the refrigerator. “Want one?”

Parker shook his head. “Marissa figured out I’m the Scorpion Bay Vigilante. She’s going to go with the story.”

“You can kiss your career good-bye.”

“More important, the media will be all over me. I won’t be able to get near Biotech.

I’ll never prove Bradley was behind the bombing.”

Justin popped the top on a can of Budweiser, took a long gulp and sat on the motorcycle. “I’m not understanding what that has to do with you needing a tattoo.”

“On Monday, Marissa saw the bandage Tina had placed on my cut. I told her I’d gotten a tattoo. She would have slept with me to check out my story.”

“What a slut! Here’s what you do. Get a nice Jerry Garcia on your side, nail her and then show her the tattoo.”

“Why would I want to sleep with Marissa?”

“Dude, she’s smokin’.”

“Not going to happen.”

Justin guzzled the beer then wiped his mouth with the back of one hand. “What you need is for the Scorpion Bay Vigilante to be seen while you’re at the station with Marissa.”

“But how can…”

“We’re about the same size. I’ll just borrow your clothes, helmet and Harley. I can be the Vigilante, but I’ve got to kick some ass for it to work.”

“I can’t let you risk it.”

“Check it out. There’s a basketball game tomorrow night at the high school down the street from my shop. There’s always a fight after a game. I’ll come riding in, break it up, plenty of witnesses. I know all the nooks and back alleys to get away in case someone tries to follow me. I’ll hide the bike in my shop, change clothes and reassume the identity of the charming bike shop owner.”

That might work, but he didn’t want to endanger Justin.

“Look, mi amigo, it’s no more dangerous than me hooking up with married women.”

“Okay, but something tells me I’ll have to show Marissa a tattoo to convince her.”
“There’s a shop a block from my place, but I wouldn’t let them tattoo my worst enemy’s ass.” Justin ran his hand through his hair. “There’s someone Tina talks about highly. You ought to see this one tattoo on the inside of her thigh…no you shouldn’t.”

“Baby, you coming to bed?” A woman’s voice came from the back bedroom.

Parker glanced down the hall. “I didn’t realize you had a girl with you.”

“It’s been known to happen.”

“Don’t tell me you brought that perky redhead home with you.”

“Perky redhead?” Tina stepped into the living room, cinching a terry cloth robe, eyes riveted on Justin. She grabbed a handful of Justin’s chest hairs and twisted. “Tell me about this perky redhead.”

Justin winced. “Tell her, Parker!”

“Yeah, let’s hear it, Parker, or these won’t be the only hairs I rip out tonight.”

“While you were having dinner with Art, Justin and I met at the Rusty Nail for an after work drink. We were minding our own business when these two girls came over.”

“You’re a terrible liar.” Tina let go of Justin’s chest hair and shoved him away.

“What about you?” Parker asked. “I thought you were out with Art.”

“The lobster was terrific, the snake wasn’t. The evening ended early, at my insistence.” Tina walked down the hall and returned carrying a black leather purse. She reached inside and held out a business card. “I overheard your tattoo problem.”
Parker took the card and read. “Mickey’s Mobile Tattoos and Body Piercing. If it’s clean, we’ll pierce it.” Parker stuffed the card in his jacket pocket. “Is he reputable?”

“Oh yeah. He looks like Satan, but he’s very hygienic and customer service oriented. A regular Martha Stewart of tattoo artists. If you’re willing to pay extra, Mickey works twenty-four seven. He’ll bring his van right to your house and ink you there.”

Slipping his arm around Tina’s shoulder, Justin stared at her body with a look of pride, like the possessor of an acclaimed fine art piece. “Mickey does good work, but you’ll have to take my word for it.”

Grabbing the Bud from Justin, Tina finished the beer in one gulp then handed the can to Parker. “Tell Mickey, Tina sent you. He still owes me a nipple ring.”

“I’ll do that.”

“Pull up a chair. I’ll take your stitches out so Mickey can ink over the cut, while Justin tells me about that perky redheaded slut.”

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