Story Theatre: Another Season

Saturday, April 9th, a new season of Story Theatre commenced. It is the fourth season, but my second season of being a part of this amazing experience. Out of everyone from the 2010 Story Theatre troupe, only four of us returned for round two: Simone Tyrell, Mike Barcroft, Radhika Samwald and myself. This year, Radhika is assisting with the producing and directing and she is acting as well.

Saturday’s first workshop went as well as expected. It was incredibly fun and there were several new people. Most people came with little to no experience in acting, but their talent is immense. And they all have great attitudes. I have no doubt that, together, we will dazzle our audiences all throughout the summer. I even found myself much more confident than when I first started out in Story Theatre one year ago.

At my very first Story Theatre workshop, I was recuperating from the stomach flu. So, I didn’t have much energy in me at all. The next workshop, I was still reeling from an argument I had with a friend the night before, so my energy was directed elsewhere but on Story Theatre. I came across a little shy and awkward, but soon found my way into the group. Like I said before, I also thought I knew everything about acting. But I didn’t.

One year later, I came to the first workshop with much more energy, passion and experience. My hope for this year is to make new friends and to expand my skills. Last year’s experience in Story Theatre and in “A Bedfull of Foreigners” gave me the perfect idea to incorporate into my new novel, ‘To be Maria’. But this year, I don’t know what other door will open. I’m excited to find out.


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