April 20th: The Day of Internet Radio Interviews

Wednesday, two days ago, I had two internet radio interviews–one with Don McCauley and one with Nanci Arvizu. This was the very first time since the release of my book that I’ve had two internet radio interviews in one day. Although it was a little nerve wracking at first, it turned out to be fun and exhilarating.

The first interview was with Don McCauley from the Author’s Show. He called at 10 am Pacific time (my time) and asked me questions about ‘Day of Revenge’. It was a recorded interview, so I was required to use my theatre voice which, of course, I used with much ease. The interview was fifteen minutes long, and in those fifteen minutes, Don asked me close to fifteen questions. I only had one minute to respond to each question. I responded, using drama in my voice to illustrate significant parts in ‘Day of Revenge’.

The most interesting question that Don asked me is, “what is your favourite part in the book?” I wrote the book, so I love every scene and every word. I responded saying something like this: My favourite part is where Henri and his young comrade, Philippe enter Joseph Chereuse’s flat and assassinate him in cold blood. For those of you who haven’t read the book, Joseph Chereuse is an intensely violent revolutionary, a feverish member of the Jacobin club. Naturally, he deserved to die a horrible death. First, Philippe plunges a sword through Joseph’s stomach and then Henri slits his throat. Yes, oh yes, there is a lot of bloodshed in this scene. Why, out of all the scenes in ‘Day of Revenge’ would I choose this scene as my favourite? Henri and Philippe give a man a taste of his own medicine. That’s why.

On getting back to the interview: it was a great interview. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Don. He was business like, but in a relaxed way. And that had a powerful effect on me. My interview will be sent to Arizona (if it hasn’t already) to be professionally edited and once that is complete, it will go live on the website. That should take up to two-four weeks, so Don told me. He said he would notify me through email, but told me to check the site every week. Once my interview goes live, it will only be on the website for twenty-four hours.

My next stop on my short, one-day internet radio tour was on Nanci Arvizu’s Promotion a la Carte show (Blog Talk Radio). I first learnt about the PAC show on Linked In. Another author, Aggie was promoting the show on ‘Book Promotion: The Invisible Arts’ group. I struck up a virtual acquaintance with her and eventually inquired about being a guest on her show. She said that she wasn’t in charge of booking guests on that show anymore, but she connected me with Nanci, the host of the Promotion a la Carte (PAC) show. Nanci was the first person who contacted me. She had two available dates for interviews–April 20th and 21st. Thursday the 21st wouldn’t work for me because I was scheduled to deliver a speech at the Sunrise Rotary club in West Vancouver that morning. So, I chose Wednesday.

The interview with Nancy took place at 12 pm Pacific Time and it too went very well. This interview, though, was not centered around ‘Day of Revenge’. The Promotion a la Carte show is all about the business of marketing and promoting books. Now that I’m getting close to completing ‘To be Maria’–my second novel–I’m avidly seeking ways to promote it without giving too much away. So, that is what I discussed with Nanci on the show. She gave me some excellent tips and even invited me to be on her other show, Page Readers sometime in the middle of May. I plan to provide more information on ‘To be Maria’ on that show.

Nanci was also a wonderful host and I look forward to keeping in touch with her. And Don as well. Good connections are hard to come by in today’s society, so when you find them, cherish them.

You can listen in on my interview with Nanci by clicking the first link on the top, right hand side of my blog under the heading ‘Publicity for Day of Revenge’. You can also download the show on iTunes.

Next post, I will talk about my speech in West Vancouver.


2 thoughts on “April 20th: The Day of Internet Radio Interviews

  1. Thank you Deanna – first for this wonderful review of your time spent with me on PAC Radio and second for being such a fabulous guest! I'm looking forward to having you as a guest on Page Readers so we can talk about your books more (and maybe a little bit about promotion!).

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