Dear Diary. I Must Organize my Goals

There are a few new things that have occured to me in the past day or so, and one of them is nagging away at my brain relentlessly. That thing is the ‘Facebook Author Page’. Like most authors, I don’t have my own author page. Right now, I’m using my personal account as my author page. Anyone who looks up Deanna Proach on Facebook will notice that. You can read everything I post on my profile, even if you’re not on my friend list, because my status is open to everyone. I’ve got a good following on Facebook, but as I’m getting more and more opportunities to be featured on blogs and on internet radio shows, I’m thinking it’s high time I create my own author page, seperate from my personal Facebook page.

However, I don’t want to create an author page that’s centered only around me. I want to be able to offer other authors a place where they can promote their books. My motto is: We work together. We succeed together. That is what I want my author page to reflect alongside my push to sell my own books. As of today, I’ve officially made this my one month plan.

In terms of books, my deadline to complete the second draft of ‘To be Maria’ is set for sometime in June. I don’t have a set date, but I’m going to stick with my plan.

The next thing on my to-do list is to start a new blog that is dedicated to warfare in the Middle Ages. I’d like to give all the gory details of battles, biographies of famous Knights and Kings and relate religion to warfare, ie, the Crusades. I’d also like to elaborate on armour, military techniques used and weaponry. It would be everything medieval warfare, roughly from AD 800 to 1500. I might even sneak in the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, although that is considered the beginning of Early Modern Europe.

I realize this is not a priority. It’s simply all about me following my latest passion. I’d like to launch this blog in the early fall, but I just might launch this blog much sooner.


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