What Do Your Story Characters Sound Like?

This post was a part of the 2010 May AW Blog Chain.

What do my story characters sound like? I could talk about my characters in ‘Day of Revenge’ or about my characters in ‘To be Maria’. I think I’ll stick with my DoR characters since the post was originally about them.

If all the protagonists in my novel, ‘Day of Revenge’ started singing at once, I’d have to run out of the room with my hands cupped firmly over my ears. If all of my antagonists started singing at once, you better find a way out of Paris fast, because these guys are preparing for a blood bath—seriously.

It is unfortunate that I did not give any of my characters voice talent. However, I do have a question mark with Emile. Being the romantic suck that he is, he is bound to sing songs to his love, Elle. But, because they are struggling to keep their heads attached to their necks, no one dares to sing.

Sadly, I don’t even have a sound track in mind for my book. I love listening to music, but I am not musically inclined, so this does not come easy to me at all. Since ‘Day of Revenge’ is an intense, edgy suspense story, the theme music would have to correspond with it. I think James Horner would be the perfect guy to create music for ‘Day of Revenge’. I absolutely love his style of music.

The most intense scene in my book should be accompanied by complete silence. Silence will make it ten times more ominous and frightening. That’s the extent of my knowledge of musical characters—I meant to say music.

It’s great to write about topics like this, because you can let your imagination soar. With questions like these, there are no boundaries…


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