Six Sentence Sunday: May 29th

During last Sunday’s interview with Ashlynn Monroe on her Must Love Books show, she told me about a blog called Six Sentence Sunday. It is a place where any writer–published, self-published, or not published–can share six sentences of their work. I think this is a fantastic idea and since I have two books to promote now, I’m going to jump on board.

This is how I’m going to fit this into my personal schedule. I will submit my posts every Thursday or Friday at anytime during the day or evening. Until I get my new history blog going, I’m only going to submit two posts per month. The posts will alternate between ‘Day of Revenge’ and ‘To be Maria.

In other words, here is how my schedule will look:

May 29th–‘Day of Revenge’

June 5th–‘To be Maria’

June 12th–‘Day of Revenge’

July 3rd–‘To be Maria’

July 10th–‘Day of Revenge’

And so forth…

When I start my new history blog in the early fall, here is how the schedule will look.

Sunday 1–‘To be Maria’

Sunday 2–‘Day of Revenge’

Sunday 3–History Blog

It will be a rotating schedule, so one month, I will begin with ‘Day of Revenge’; the next month, it will be ‘To be Maria’, the following month, it will be my history blog and so forth.

I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure.


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