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It has been a while since I last posted on this blog–an entire week, I believe. The entire week last week, there was a very poor internet connection at our house until Friday, it disappeared altogether. A worker from Coast Cable came by to investigate the problem and fix it. It turned out that the motim was performing updates. That is why the connection in the rauder failed to communicate with the motim. Okay, I’m not a techy, so my explanation of this probably doesn’t make sense, so I’m going to change the topic.

I found plenty of work to do without the use of the internet. I thrust all of my heart and soul into the editing of ‘To be Maria’. I printed out the entire manuscript in installments and went through it, just like I did with ‘Day of Revenge’ a year and a half earlier. I finally completed that process last night. And now, it is time to start the transcriptions. I’m feeling really exhausted. Editing sure takes a hell of a lot out of me–any other writer for that matter. It is the toughest part of being a writer. Besides that, though, I’m enjoying it. Once I have transcribed all of my corrections, I’m going to pass on the manuscript to two people, and they are going to be my pre-publication readers. I’m really thankful to have them because I know they will catch the mistakes that I’m sure I will miss.

I’m going to give ‘To be Maria’ a generous editing period–I plan to have the editing done by early September. I know I will have it completed before then, but I want to give myself that additional time to perfect a book blurb and to build buzz for this new book.

Oh–I should also mention that, last Wednesday, I had an internet radio interview with Nanci on her Page Readers show. I really enjoyed connecting with her again and look forward to the time when I can promote ‘To be Maria’ on internet radio.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts

  1. Editing is exhausting! Like you, the last stage of my editing process is printing the mss. and reading it on paper. I do that after several passes on screen and I'm always amazed by how much I miss.

    Do you have a link to the radio interview? I'd love to hear it.

  2. Steven–I have all my internet radio shows listed on the right side of my blog, above my profile. You can click on anyone of them to listen. Yes, I must admit that I will be really happy once I'm through with the editing stage.

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