Editing, Acting and…Query Letter writing?

This week has been a very busy, but fruitful week. I am getting close to completing the editing of ‘To be Maria’–although I’m still one week away from completing my own editing. I’m also getting ready for my very first performance in Story Theatre season 2. Actually, I can’t say it’s ‘my’ performance when several other people are involved. I’ll say it’s ‘our’ performance.

Last night (Thursday) we held a seperate rehearsal for ‘Hansel and Grethel’ in Hackett Park (that’s in Sechelt, just down the road from where I live). ‘Hansel and Grethel’ is one of the stories we will be performing this summer. My friend, Radhika Samwald is directing this play and she is doing a wonderful job because everything is coming together so well. I play the stranger–in other words, the witch–a part I truly relish. I love playing the antagonist, a personality that is totally out of my character, because it allows me to expand and enhance my acting skills.

Getting back to ‘To be Maria’–the time has almost come where I must write another query letter. The last time I wrote a query letter was for my first book, ‘Day of Revenge’ and that was in the fall of 2009. So, I must admit that I will be a little rusty on my query writing skills. It is a good thing that I’ve given myself until September to prepare this book for publication.


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