Interview With Aimee Laine: Author of Little White Lies

I had the pleasure of interviewing Aimee Laine, the author of paranormal romance, Little White Lies. Her book is scheduled to be released July 1st–that is just two weeks from now. I should also mention that Little White Lies will be available in paperback and in ebook format. Here is the interview…

What is Little White Lies about?

Little White Lies is about long lasting love, tainted by untruths. Charley Randall, the main character, does what she believes is best in separating herself from Wyatt Moreland, because he can’t know about her — the real her. She’s a shape-shifter and in general, shifters and humans don’t need to know about each other. But she’s totally in love with him and just keeps pushing him out of her life. Of course when he finds out, what looks to her like bravery and thoughtfulness is really just a bunch of lies and they have to get over that to come back together. They aren’t the only ones that know about Charley though and someone else is ready to jump on the chance to make their latest reunion a permanent separation.

Is this a stand-alone debut novel, or do you plan on writing a sequal to this novel?

This is a stand-alone novel, however, there are two (at least) sets of characters in the story who I already have planned for their own story. So that gives Little White Lies the series title of ‘Mimics of Rune’ #1 because when I write the next two, they will also be Mimics of Run.

What inspired you to write this novel?

There is a road in my town that I drive on almost every day. Some days, as I drive down it, my head conjures up ideas. I don’t know why, but it’s always that road. So I was driving down it and out pops this idea. “What if there was a shape-shifter who’s job it was to be a shape-shifter and she fell in love with a human, but refused to be with him because she’s 200+ and he’s not even 18. Then what happens if her time as a shape-shifter is about to end … but she won’t end. What would happen?” And out ‘popped’ Little White Lies 45 days later. 😉

Who is your favorite character and why?

I love Charley. People ask me why I named a girl Charley and why I didn’t spell her name the ‘right’ way. So first my answer is because I wanted to and the spelling, well I look at my own name and go … it’s okay to be unique. And eventually, that uniqueness will fade as other people like the spelling. That’s not why I love her though. She’s tough and strong, but emotionally invested in Wyatt and just can’t let go. She’s not obsessed, but she gives him up so he can have a good life … of course he doesn’t know this. She’s like the Mom of the family — always giving, giving, giving and no one really realizes how much she’s given until one day, she’s not going to be able to do it. In this case, her ‘family’ helps the process along. And, of course, she’s a shape-shifter. Who doesn’t want to be able to do that?? 🙂

Will you ever write in another genre, or will you stick to paranormal romance?

You know, I don’t know. By ‘romance’ my story is the relationship between my two main characters. I LOVE the paranormal aspect simply because I can make up stuff that some don’t believe is possible and make it seemingly possible. I don’t read to get educated. I read to get out of my life, to stretch my imagination, to live vicariously through others. Knowing they can do something I can’t? Even better. I want to be there, to enjoy it and thus I write it. However, much of my novel is heavily geared toward mystery and suspense with a little bit of thriller in there. It’s not sweet romance by any stretch of the imagination. It’s dark and gritty. And that is probably where I will stay — in that ‘area’ … but always with a focus on two people. Even in my young adult novels I write that way.

Can you share with us a little bit from your upcoming release, Little White Lies?

Here is the official book blurb:
When the government needs a body double for a covert operation, they hire shape-shifter Charley Randall. For two centuries, she’s played every part from foreign dignitary to office drone. The role she wants most, though, is one she’s denied herself three times already.

FBI Agent Wyatt Moreland believes Charley’s photographic memory is the key to his latest assignment. He’s oblivious to the true extent of her abilities, but he can’t deny the sense of déjà vu at their introduction.

Unlike Wyatt, Charley knows this isn’t their first meeting. It’s their fourth.
The girl he vowed to love, sixteen years before, stands in front of him in her true form – one he’ll never recognize.

With each reconnection, Charley loves him more, though she realizes this is her last chance to explain. Only absolute truth can bring them happiness, but can Wyatt forgive her deceptions? Or will lies tear them apart forever?

And here is a the first 250 words (ish)…

The in-dash display of Charley Randall’s burgundy roadster read eleven fifty. She needed every minute until midnight to reach her destination. Pedal to floor, the car hugged the curves with nothing more than a slight adjustment left or right. Headlights burned through the dark, illuminating the double, center lines.
Charley blew past warning signs for fallen rock, deer, and the oncoming dead-end at double the posted speed. She relied on her knowledge of her mountain’s terrain to get her home in one piece.

Another check of time revealed only eight minutes remained.

Her teeth ground together, knuckles paled. “You’ll make it, Char.” She blew out the breath she held and pounded the leather wheel with her palm. If she hadn’t stayed late for a celebratory drink, she’d have been on time.
The clock blinked eleven fifty-five.

She pressed the accelerator, as if to will the car faster, but slowed as the most dangerous of turns approached.

Eleven fifty-six.

The rapid blink of a vehicle’s emergency lights jumped into view as she rounded the curve. A single gasp accompanied the swerve. The steering wheel shook under her palms as the tires objected to the force of her turn and squealed into the dark of night. A cloud of dust rose around her as the car slid to the edge of the road and came to rest in a shallow ditch.

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You can also check out Little White Lies on the J. Taylor Publishing website.

I’d like to thank you, Aimee, for taking the time to answer these questions. I sincerely wish you much success with this new release.


10 thoughts on “Interview With Aimee Laine: Author of Little White Lies

  1. Thank you, Deanna! This was great opportunity to talk about my book! I totally appreciate you asking me. 🙂 I'll be sure to come back throughout the day today and respond to any questions. 🙂

  2. As someone who's had the pleasure of reading this, I can vouch for the enjoyment to be had. Charley's abilities *are* awesome and there are a good few doses of hilarity where I laughed out loud. Cool interview ladies. 🙂

  3. I'm glad to have had you as a guest on my blog, Aimee. By the way, I love dark and gritty. Those are the types of novels I like to write as well. Please let me know how your book goes once it is released. If you need any additional resources for promotion, feel free to email me.

  4. @jabelfield : Glad you laughed out loud. 🙂

    @Marguita Valentine: Thank you! My favorite quirk? Hmmmm…. well … Wyatt is awesomeness in his teen form because he's this mix of confidence and complete dolt. He's so enamored with Charley that he has a few epic fail moments. One in particular is in the cafeteria at school. His reaction to his 'plight' (I'm keeping it mum to not give it away) is part of what makes him so yummy. He is truly and totally in love with Charley, but man if he only knew, at that point … he'd probably have run away. 🙂

    @De's Stories : Thanks again, Deanna! 🙂

  5. I really like the concept of being a shape-changer for hire! And Charley's dilemma, that Wyatt doesn't even know what she looks like after the fourth meeting, just makes me laugh. Great interview!

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