Happenings in June: Anticipation for the Summer Months

This month has not yet come to a close and, even though I feel exhausted, I have accomplished a lot. Last night–Monday–I completed my TM Competent Communications manual with a speech titled ‘How to Defeat your Inner Jerk’. I am thrilled that I managed to complete this manual in one year and a half. Although, I must admit that it was not a breeze.

The first seven speeches were delivered with a red face and blotchy chest. I even stammered over some words and there were a few awkward hand gestures and pauses in there as well. It was not until my eighth speech that things really came together. I have to thank all of the hosts who were so kind to interview me on their internet radio shows–and the Sunrise Rotary Club for having me as a guest speaker. It gave me the opportunity to improve my speaking skills and to build up my confidence. Once my confidence was in check, then everything else fell into place.

Now that I’ve completed my CC manual, it’s onto another manual, or two. I’ve chosen to work through the Storytelling and Interpretive Reading manuals because they both fall in line with my two passions–acting and writing. I will now be able to use my imagination. The boundaries are less strict. That is why I can’t wait to begin this new adventure in Toastmasters.

‘To be Maria’ is the second thing that I accomplished this month. On new years day of this year 2011, I set out to complete ‘To be Maria’–writing and editing–in June. I spent the entire winter months researching places to promote ‘Day of Revenge’ that I had allowed no extra time for myself to work on ‘To be Maria’. In the spring I had managed to type out what had been written, but I could not pick up the pen and write.

April slipped by and I still had not progressed with this novel. I was beginning to believe that I would not fulfill my new years resolution. Then came May. I was thinking about my new story all the time. In my brain, I followed my characters around. They were nagging away at me, begging me, imploring me to finish their story. I couldnt’ take it anymore, so one soggy day in May, I picked up the pen and couldn’t put it down. Every day, I lived and breathed the story. I walked in my characters’ shoes. I was so involved in their lives that I could not think about anything else.

I completed the novel at the end of May, then typed out the words that had not been transfered onto computer. Then came the editing…the hardest, most gruelling task a writer has to face. Little by little, I printed my manuscript from my humble, six-year-old printer, then read through the entire manuscript. After that, I read through the story twice–adding onto scenes and rewriting portions that were in need of a grammatical makeover. Although it did not take me nearly as long to edit ‘To be Maria’ as it took me to edit ‘Day of Revenge’, it was still a lot of work and it has left me feeling a little low on energy and in need of a short break.

That said, Story Theatre is going to be a nice diversion from the writing world. Our first performance is this Saturday–June 25th–at the local Children’s Festival in Gibsons. This performance will precede several more performances throughout the summer. Alongside Story Theatre, I am excited to get my second book launched.

It is going to be a very exciting summer. I can feel it. There will be plenty of wonderful times with friends and much will be accomplished.


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