Six Sentences: The Guillotine!

Whenever I–or any other person–thinks about the French Revolution, the first thing that comes to mind is the guillotine. The guillotine played a huge role in the French revolution. It symbolized revolutionary justice. It also represented the terror that was inflicted upon the French people.

This sunday, my six is going to represent just that.

And now for my weekly six sentence installment from ‘Day of Revenge’.

In the center of the city square, between the tall buildings and the Seine River stands the guillotine. Its wooden scaffold is tall—more than three feet higher than Henri’s head. A set of stairs lead up to the scaffold. Perpendicular to the base of the tall frame lays a six foot long plank where the condemned are forced to lay. Two sets of leather belts, attached to either side of the low plank, are used to tie them down to prevent them from escaping. A large basket stands on the opposite side of the platform to catch the heads when they fall.


5 thoughts on “Six Sentences: The Guillotine!

  1. Great description, and yes my first thought is the guillotine when someone mentions the French Revolution, lol.

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