Story Theatre: Then and Now

This year we–the Driftwood Players Story Theatre troupe–are off to a really good start. We are more organized than we were last year. This year we have a producer, director and co-producer/co-director. We also have a stage manager, something we did not have last year.

Our producer and co-producer–Janet and Radhika–have been working harder than ever to put Story Theatre on the map and so far, their efforts are paying off. Our name was mentioned in the Children’s festival brochure and in the local newspaper. Last year we were not included in the list of performers who were scheduled to perform at the Children’s Festival.

Last year, we were only given a small time slot of fifteen minutes. There were several families, but we had only gathered a small audience of small children. And, the noise almost drowned us out. I clearly remember the shrill sound of an ambulance siren filling the air all around us as we performed. This year, the weather sucked, but things were much better. We had a much larger time slot–one hour–and our audience was much larger. I should also mention that Ingrid’s theatre students performed and their performance was stellar.

Story Theatre has a very diverse and wonderfully unique group of actors, some who have little acting experience. We also have two very talented musicians. Regardless of experience though, everyone shone on Saturday’s performance.

We are scheduled to perform at several events this summer, so I believe that we will grow strong as a group.


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