Happy July!!

I’d first like to wish all of my American friends a very happy 4th of July!!

The summer was officially officiated with the dawn of Canada Day. Ottawa celebrated Canada’s 144th birthday with Prince William and Princess Kate. What an amazing moment that must have been for the royal couple and for thousands of Canadians who saw them in person.

All the way across the continent, the little town of Sechelt held a celebration of its own. Every year, we ring in our country’s birthday with a parade which is then followed by a festival in Hackett Park. Like usual, the park was teaming with people. This was also the second year that the Driftwood Players Story Theatre troupe performed at the festival in Hackett Park.

Our performances went well–even better than last year. Former Story Theatre people–John, Laura, Joanne and Ed–were there to watch us perform. It was great to catch up with old friends and to see fans from last year return to see what new stories and fresh creativity that we bring to the table. Yes, we have some very unique individuals in this year’s story theatre troupe, but that is what makes this new season all the more enjoyable. Hey, unique is much better than plain.

It was cold this Canada Day–even colder than last year–but it did not hamper people’s spirits. We managed to amass a generous audience for the first performance, thanks to fellow S.T. friend Mike for organizing the ‘flash mob’. And no, it is not the kind of mob that pillages and muders. It is the entertainment mob, the kind that you see on Improv Everywhere. In the case of Story theatre, it is used to attract people to our performances. It is hard to explain what we do in words, but I’m hoping, contemplating on getting our flash mob filmed and posted on YouTube in the very near future.


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