A Moment to Never Forget

This past Saturday–July 9th–was a blast, and it was a day that I will never forget. We–the Driftwood Players Story Theatre troupe did our third performance of the season. Actually, we did two performances that afternoon. We had an excellent turnout for our first performance. There must have been close to fifty people in the crowd. I should say, not bad for a small town and for a day that was not the warmest. The best part about it, though, was that we enjoyed ourselves and we entertained our audiences.

The best part of the day happened after our performances. My friend Mike’s parents, who are from Sarnia, Ontario, were visiting the coast over the past week and so, came out to see our second performance. After the performance he introduced me to his parents. Actually, I introduced myself first and then gave my friend the honour to introduce me to his parents. I was quite exhausted, so I didn’t say too much which is quite unlikely of me. When he introduced me, Mike told his parents about how I’m an author, so, when they asked me about my book, I told them about what it is about and gave them a bookmark–luckily I had a few with me because I always make the mistake of leaving them behind. I also told them a little about my WIP, ‘To be Maria’.

They both took an interest in ‘Day of Revenge’ and asked me if it is available for purchase in one of the local bookstores. I suddenly remembered that there was still one copy of ‘Day of Revenge’ in Coast Princess Books, a tiny boutique bookstore just down the street from where we performed. I told her that she could purchase one at that bookstore.

Several minutes later, as a couple of friends and I walked down the block, we caught up with Mike’s mother, Barb. She turned to me then said that she was going to buy my book. She asked me where she could find it, so I lead her into the store to where my book was on display. As she handed the book over to the cashier to pay for it, I asked the cashier for a pen. I then signed the copy of ‘Day of Revenge’ right there and then just as she was about to pay for it.

It was one moment that I will never ever forget. It was a special moment. I can now officially say that I did a book signing at Coast Princess Bookstore, even though I didn’t do a reading and only sold one book on that occasion.


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