Hansel and Gretel: Why I Love Playing the Witch

This year in Story Theatre, I play various characters who are very unique: the feisty Grandma in Little Red–the modernized version written by Joanne Bennison–the downright evil witch in Hansel and Gretel, the confused stranger in The North Wind and The Sun and an eager-to-please-the-king stranger in The King and His Dirty Feet.

Although I love all the characters I play, I LOVE playing the witch the most because I thoroughly enjoy being totally out of character, being someone who is the complete opposite of me. I really feel that in playing the role of the villain in at least one of the plays, I have been able to take my acting skills to new heights.

The other reason why I love playing the witch…

I get to wear an outfit that makes me look Scaaary!!!


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