A Summer of Writing

This summer, unlike every other summer, has been quite uneventful so far. Well, I shouldn’t say it has been uneventful because I am in Story Theatre and we have performed at a number of festivals. I also have been out with friends every weekend. What I mean by ‘uneventful’ is, I haven’t been able to do the one thing I truly love to do in the summer: swimming. Most of July has been quite cool and wet.

On a more positive note, I have managed to put most of my energy into writing. I’ve written a few articles for Cmvlive.com–an online magazine that I write for–and for Quips and Tips, the online magazine I’ve been writing for for a few months. I’ve also managed to complete ‘To be Maria’–the revisions and copy editing included. A friend, Ralph Fraser read through the entire manuscript, marked the mistakes I made and gave me his overall thoughts. I took them all to heart and made further revisions at the end of the book based on that feedback.

I now have a good, working query letter ready to go–my other friend, Joanne Bennison, helped me with that. All I need now is a synopsis. That is the last thing that I need to write.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to write my third book, ‘Bad Innocence’, the sequal to ‘To be Maria’.


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