Day of Revenge: Six More Sentences

I sure took a long time off from Six Sentence Sunday.

These following six sentences are taken from chapter 5 in ‘Day of Revenge’. In this scene, MC Samuel La Font reveals his plot to overthrow the revolutionary government with his best friend Pierre La Metz in a letter. Unfortunately, Pierre was caught by the ferocious Jacobins.

This matter of which I am about to reveal to you, you already know of. But it is now more urgent than ever. That heartless dictator Robespierre and his Jacobin followers grow bolder and more vicious as each day passes. Unfortunately, my friend, our plans for a crusade against this despotic revolution has become disorganized. As this new regime they call a democracy grows more oppressive with each passing day, more and more are we forced to act upon our actions with little chance to think through the potential consequences. But, I believe it is no longer a matter of how or when the oppressed will rise up and fight to restore freedom and justice to this torn country.

On Monday, I will be off to the land of the fairies and will be there for one blessed week. I shall be back at my office desk on Monday, August 15th.


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