My Fall 2011 Novel Writing Course

This summer has been a very good summer so far: story theatre, two booksignings in Penticton while on holiday, the completion of To be Maria and good times spent with friends. Now that the season is starting to wind down, I’m seeking to find new ways to connect with new people in the 2011 fall season.

This fall, I am starting up a course on novel writing. This course will include most of the information that I have written about on Quips and Tips. I’ve decided to run this course as an online/offline independent course, meaning that you don’t have to live on the Sunshine Coast to take it. If you live on the coast, then we will arrange a day, time and location to meet based around your schedule. My goal for this course is to provide you, the aspiring novelist, with the information and the help needed to give you a good start on your novel.

For more information on the course, you can contact me at or at 1-604-885-7289.


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