My Pre-Novel Writing Course

Good day world! I’m back after a wonderful weekend of camping with friends.

I’ve decided to give a more precise detail on the novel writing course I plan (hope) to teach starting in September. It is not a course on ‘novel writing’ it is a course on ‘pre-novel writing’, the writing before the actual writing of the novel.

Yes, believe it or not, you can’t just pick up a pen and start writing a novel without any material to work with. You have to get all of your ideas out of your head and on paper first. You wouldn’t start a business without a plan, so you wouldn’t write a book without a plan either.

Writing a novel takes a lot of imagination, effort, work and time. The purpose of the pre-novel writing course is to provide aspiring novelists with the information and help needed to give them a good start to their writing career. They will learn about character profiling, outlines and research and how all of these three things serve the story and compliment each other. They will learn that, without these things, a story cannot exist.

Once the basics are established then everything will fall into place once the novel writing process begins. A good platform will make for a very good story.

To sum up what I have just said, the pre-novel writing course is not intended to help you with the writing of your novel. It is intended to give you the tools needed to build your masterpiece.


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