Happy Birthday, ‘Day of Revenge’!

Today, I’m celebrating one year of being a published author. Exactly one year ago–September 1, 2010–Day of Revenge was released by Inkwater Press. I remember how excited and anxious I felt about this new adventure. Day of Revenge was actually scheduled to be released sometime in the middle of October–a month and a half later, but it turned out that my publisher had everything ready before then.

Being a new, published author with no large platform to work with was quite the challenge, but it was not a bad one. I did all the marketing on my own and continue to seek new ways to promote Day of Revenge. It took almost one whole year to see any really good progress with my book in terms of sales and I pray that it continues on this upwards trend. I also know that, in the process, I have given my second, unpublished novel, To be Maria a good jump start in terms of publicity.

And now, here is a short recap of all the defining moments in the past year…

December 20, 2010–I received two stellar reviews-one from Publishers Weekly and the other from Apex Reviews.

January 27th, 2011–I had my first, of many, internet radio interviews with Brad Grochowski on the Indie Book Man Show. I remember how red and blotchy my face was when doing that interview.

February 15th–I had my first formal live radio interview with Paige on C-VUE FM, our local radio station.

April 18th–My written interview went live on Author Michael Murphy’s Emerging Novelists website.

April 20th–I had a recorded interview with Don McCauley from The Authors Show. Several minutes later, I was interviewed by Nanci Arvizu on her Promotion a la Carte show.

April 21st–I delivered an inspirational speech at the Sunrise Rotary Club in West Vancouver.

End of April–I found out that Dr. Christina Schlachter had chosen my story, out of a number of stories, to be published in her upcoming book, What Smart Women Know: Your Guide to Success and Happiness, and the Stories of Women Who Have it!

May 16th–My interview with Don McCauley on The Authors Show went live for one whole day–24 hours.

August 12th–I did a booksigning at Coles Bookstore in Penticton, B.C.

August 13th–I did a booksigning at Hooked on Books bookstore in Penticton, B.C.

Today, September 1st, 2011, I met a new friend through my former story theatre comrad, Joanne Bennison. I sold her a copy of Day of Revenge, signed it for her and made a connection for life.

I can only pray from here on that good moments will prevail, sales will continue to increase and that To be Maria will find a good home.


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