New Season: New Beginnings

It’s Tuesday, September 6th. The Labour Day weekend has officially come to an end, thus bringing an end to the summer holidays, even though the summer season has not yet ended.

I had a wonderful summer, although I must admit that I’m looking forward to a new season. A new season means new beginnings, a chance to work on new projects, pursue new opportunities, meet new people, dream big and pray lots.

While Story Theatre 2011 is coming to an end, opportunity lays on my horizon. Our final show for Story Theatre’s fourth season is on Saturday, September 10th–my 26th birthday. I’m really excited for this event because after our performance, we are going to have a potluck at the beach. It won’t all be centered around me. We will also celebrate Janet’s (the producer) birthday and it will also be a farewell and thank you to Janet and to Bob (founder and director) for all their hard work, and for making Story Theatre a reality on the Sunshine Coast.

On September 12th, the 2011-2012 Toastmasters season commences and that same week, my new pre-novel writing course will commence. This will be my very first independent teaching course and I’m very excited about it. I also hope that this new project flourishes.

If you are an aspiring novelist and are thinking about taking a novel writing course, feel free to contact me for more details about the Pre-Novel Writing course. You can reach me at


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