September Featuring the Waiting Game

Summer, as far as I’m concerned, is over. This month began on a very good start weather wise. It was hot, sunny, the sky intensely blue with no clouds in sight. On the day of my birthday–September 10th–I was blessed with heat and sunshine. It was also our last performance of the 2011 Story Theatre season. And it was the best one yet. We had a great turnout and everyone was on their game. After our performance, we moved the party over to Roberts Creek beach where we had a birthday/cast party. Everyone had a wonderful time. It was so nice to enjoy late summer thinking that it would last at least another month.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Less than one week later, the clouds rolled in and the temperatures cooled. It was great to see some rain here after one month of dry weather, but not it doesn’t seem to want to leave…quite usual here lately.

This month has been a good one, but certainly not an exciting one. To be Maria is done. I know I’ve mentioned that a lot on this blog, but when I say it’s done, I mean it’s ready to be sent out to agents and editors. I even have a working query letter. So, why am I sitting around waiting?

In terms of publicity, all of the exciting stuff happens next month. A personal story I wrote for Dr. Christina Schlachter back in March will be published in her upcoming release, She Leads: Change Your Career, Transform Your Life and the Stories of Women Who Did that is scheduled for October sometime. In my story, I mention Day of Revenge, but I have a little more info on To be Maria because it goes along with the story much better.

At the end of October, I will be attending the Surrey International Writers Conference to sell copies of Day of Revenge at their book fair, but then to pitch To be Maria the very next day.

So, yes, I have much to look forward to in terms of both novels. I just want something to show on the To be Maria query letter. Aside from the novel itself, I want agents and publishers to know that I have gone the extra mile to gain exposure. That is why I’m playing this waiting game.

I have started the writing of Bad Innocence, the sequal to To be Maria, so its time to get back into the writing of it.


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