3 Book Promotion Ideas That Worked

This is a guest post by Susanna Carr. Carr writes sexy contemporary romance books. You can visit her website at http://www.susannacarr.com.

I’ve read many business books that suggest you should spend most of your effort and budget on the customers who have already bought from you. Over the years I have found this to be true. Here are three promotion ideas that I know work:

Website: I recently refreshed my website so I can frequently add new content. I keep it active by blogging and offering a serialized free read. I also included all my social media on my community page, and if I have news, it goes on the website first. I don’t want a stagnant site that is only updated when there’s a book release. I’m doing everything I can to encourage browsing and repeat visitors.

Monthly e-newsletter: If my website is king in my promotion strategy, my e-newsletter is queen. I get more visits on my website when I send out an e-newsletter than when I do any other promotion. I don’t just announce new releases on my opt-in e-newsletter. I also offer contests, exclusive events and special features. Not many authors want to produce an e-newsletter every month, so a member’s only section on a website could serve the same function. I think it’s important to maintain a connection with readers even when you don’t have a book out.

Scavenger Hunt: I once hosted a scavenger hunt on my website and it was designed to highlight my backlist. This was a year-long project that was connected with my e-newsletter. I offered a monthly prize and a grand prize at the end. It required pre-planning and keeping track of the entries, but it was worth it. Not only did a lot of readers participate in the hunt, but it bumped up my sales numbers on my backlist. These promotional ideas aren’t about selling one book, and that’s why they work. These ideas are about supporting a long-lasting relationship between the reader and author.


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