Occupy Wall Street and The Publishing Industry

I’ve been avidly following the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ via news and internet and, being an author myself with a second book ready to be queried en mass, I’ve been keenly interested in knowing how this rapidly growing movement is going to affect the publishing industry, if at all. Eventually, my curiosity got the best of me. I went on the AW and put this question out there with the desire to read other people’s thoughts on this issue.

Here is what some of my fellow writers have to say. The names that they use are their made-up AW Forum names.

Button: Occupy Wall Street is the 99% complaining about the 1% that screwed it up. But they’re still waiting on the 1% to fix it, because they don’t have a solution themselves. But the people protesting are generally the ones who aren’t working right now. The rest of us still have work to do, and we’re doing it.

Not necessarily about how this relates to the publishing inudstry, but although the protestors have good intentions, they are not organized and while some are genuine cases of people who are struggling to make it, few of them are have-nots who don’t want to work–no shadow of a doubt.

Delusional: It’s gonna completely revamp not only the publishing world, but the world itself.

Shadow Ferret: What’s “Occupy Wall Street?”

Lyxdelsic: Michael Moore’s lovechild.

Funny joke, guys:)

whistlelock: It won’t. Publishing is small potatoes.

BenPanced: OWS is aimed more at the banking industry and politicians that throw money at it. The publishing industry is the furthest thing from the participants’ minds.

Gale Haut: Would think only as much as it manages to affect the economy…Then again, maybe a broader interest in political works will spur from it. Who knows.

Miss Plum: Well, since OWS’s demands include free college educations for all, a minimum $20 wage, a global forgiveness of all debt, an end of the fossil fuel economy, $2 tril for infrastructure and environmental rehabilitation, and a livable income for everyone regardless of employment status, I’d say its chances of success are zero. So no effect on the publishing biz.

If OWS even came close to success, the publishing industry would die along with all the others.

Gregg: I don’t think it will have any impact on the publishing industry – but new industries might sprout:

I sincerely hope so, Gregg. We need innovation in the worst way.

So, will the ‘Occupy Movement’ affect the publishing industry? Based on these answers and on my own intuition, probably not. But, it sure doesn’t seem like the protestors are going away anytime soon. And the movement is fast becoming a world wide phenomena. So, I guess time will tell.


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