6 Ways To Save Money on Your Kids’ Christmas Gifts

This is a guest post by Mike. As a father of 2 with a limited budget, Mike is always looking at ways to save money. When he is not sharing tips online, Mike distributes toys online. He specializes in action figures.

Christmas is the time of year to give. It is the season children wait for the entire year to get what they want, in terms of gifts, candies, parties, and so much more. Christmas is the best time to spread love within your family. To plan parties or buy gifts, you should plan your spending and look for ways to save money and at the same time, spread the message of Christmas – love!
Saving money nowadays is important for everyone. There are many ways to save your money, some of which are given below.

Baking yourself
No one in the world knows what their kids love other than their mothers. Kids love cookies, cakes and other bakery items. Baking yourself saves a lot of money; you pay at least twice the price of items. Apart from saving money you can get special appreciation from your kids. It will also allow you the freedom of flavors and size without worrying about costs.

Handmade items
Handmade items like sweaters, cards and baskets are much cheaper to make rather than buying. If you are good enough you can create something which cannot be made at stores, such as a shirt with your name on it. Your time and efforts will be appreciated by your kids, plus you will be able to save a lot of money in the process.

Buying from Wholesale shops
Buying from a wholesale shop can save you hundreds of dollars. It could be a lot more if you have a big family. Search for a wholesale dealer and find as many gift items which would suit your requirements. You have to search for wholesale shops which provide bulk items, shop for small items such as crayons and coloring books. Kids are not interested in quality, so you should not worry about it, but quantity is important to them. When going for a wholesale shop, always remember to check a few of them out before making the purchase; compare prices and pick the best one.

Family Gift
If you have a couple of kids running around the house all day, it would be better to buy them some board games or a gaming console. Not only will these be useful to keep them quiet, but they will also love it as well. If you cannot afford a gaming console, go for board or card games such as UNO or Scrabble. This brings the family together in Christmas season.

Christmas Sale
During the season, almost every store in the world offers Christmas sales, especially on toys and candies. You can either get a percentage off, a ‘buy one get one free’ deal or get an item free such as chocolates or candy.

Story Books or Cartoon Movies
Kids love listening to stories. You can get them a Christmas movie, such as Jeremy Creek or The Grinch who stole Christmas and teach them the spirit of Christmas. You can also buy storybooks which contain Christmas fables and tales which have been told for centuries. It will not be a very expensive gift, but will contain a message and love from the sender.


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