The SiWC Book Fair Starring Deanna Proach, Robert McCammon, Jack Whyte And The travelling Guillotine

Me at the SiWC Book Fair, selling copies of Day of Revenge. I don’t know why my travelling guillotine was placed so that it faced the wall.

Me standing between best-selling authors, Robert McCammon (left) and Jack Whyte (right). Every author shared a table, so it turns out that I was situated next to Robert McCammon. Robert was a ton of fun! He was quite impressed with the model guillotine.

Jack Whyte also came up to our table and signed a copy of his book, Standard of Honor, the second book of his Templar Series, in my hand. I had purchased the first two novels at Talewind Bookstore back in the summer.

I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed my company with Robert McCammon and Jack Whyte. Not only are they successful and talented, they are great people.

Since we’re getting really close to Halloween, I thought I would add this for spooky flavor. I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want to look up at that??

If you take my word for that, then I have a freezer to sell you in Alaska…:):)

I did manage to sell a few books at the Book Fair and I gave away a number of cards and bookmarks. The next day I pitched my second novel, To be Maria to Nephele Tempest of The Knight Agency. I’m glad to say it went well, I enjoyed speaking to her, she’s a great person. Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed…


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