NaNoWriMo and To be Maria 2

This is the month of NaNoWriMo, a virtual event that is designed to bring professional and amateur writers from around the world together. It takes place every November and runs throughout the entire month. The idea for this event is to write a novel–or part of one–in one month. I’ve debated about joining in on the fun, but decided that I can’t in all honesty write a novel in one month. I write my novels long hand, so it wouldn’t work for me anyway.

However, I do find NaNoWriMo very inspiring. It has, in part, motivated me to work on my third novel, Bad Innocence, the sequal to To be Maria. Just so you know, I haven’t thought of a title for my third novel yet, but I didn’t want to leave it untitled either. I initially thought Bad Innocence would be a killer title, but only for a Harlequin Paranormal Romance maybe? Book three (To be Maria 2) is a YA suspense, so it needs a different title, one that is gripping and one that goes along with the genre of the book.

Anyway, to get to the point, I’ve already completed 5 chapters and am in the process of writing the 6th chapter of this novel. This time, I’m not setting a deadline for completion. I’m not going to put that stress on myself like I did with To be Maria and Day of Revenge. I’m just going to let the story unfold as I write it and I’m going to enjoy it. When it’s done, it’s done so long as it doesn’t take two years to write.


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