Popularity Isn’t Glamorous: Part 2

To be Maria was the best thing that ever happened to me. As I wrote the story, I was moved in ways that I cannot describe. It was an outlet for my negative emotions. It was a source of healing in my life. It was written with the intention to speak to people who are–or was–bullied at school and to all those girls and boys who are struggling to fit in.

I want everyone to know that popularity isn’t glamorous. It is more important to have one good friend than ten pretend friends–the ones who say they’re your friend because you dress like them and act like them. Your ten pretend friends won’t be there for you when you’re down and it doesn’t take much for them to turn against you. They will only drag you down until you have nothing. The wrong choice of friends can even lead to your death.

It is important to be an individual. Stand out amongst the crowd, don’t get lost in it. Surround yourself with people who will like you for who you are and who will uplift you.


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