The Writers’ Cafe: Sharing Work?

I was browsing the CCA (Coast Cultural Alliance) events listing this morning, looking to see the event listing for Story Theatre’s–our–Sunday, November 27th performance at Wendy’s/Tim Hortons. Low and behold, I found a golden nugget–The Writers’ Cafe. the Writers’ Cafe is an event where writers come together to read from their works. Every writer gets a seven minute time slot reading session. Seven blessed minutes!

I want so much to attend and read from To be Maria, but the event is held in lower Gibsons in the evening–the same time as ping pong. It turns out that I will be in Gibsons that same day for a rehearsal and since I’m getting over a cold, I’m going to have to pass on this event but with much regret.

The reading event is held at the Arts Building in lower Gibsons (already mentioned that part). I don’t know how often, but I’m definately going to look into it deeper because this is something I want, need to do. Besides, it would be great to meet new people.


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