The Spirit of The Past

This is to help me get into character…

“I am the Spirit of the Past. Walk with me.”

I am angel from heaven. I have been in heaven since the time Christ came to earth as a man to spread the gospel. Yet, I return to earth frequently to speak to people. I have spoken to thousands of people since my ascent into heaven. I have spoken to many in dreams, but to some, I have appeared in spirit form. Ebenezer Scrooge is one such person.

Scrooge is on a very dangerous and destructive path. If you would know of his past as well as I do, you would better understand why he is the way he is. Yet, his selfishness and cold-heartedness has left him miserable and empty inside. Even his wealth cannot comfort him. If he does not change, a worse fate than loneliness awaits him on the day of his death.

God has tried to speak to the man for many, many years, but only to be shoved out of his life. Yet, God is a God of love. He will not give up until Scrooge listens. That is why God has called me to speak to Scrooge. He has called upon me to deliver His message to Scrooge. I know what I am going to show Scrooge will be very difficult for him to see. It is going to pain him beyond words, but I trust that he will see the light.


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